AIG: Retire Stronger.

AIG: Retire Stronger

AIG went through a series of redesigns while with BBDO New York and its print department. Among them was this deeply saturated “Retire Stronger” campaign. Rich in color – and ink density – these ads were checked for everything from the richness of the plates to consistency among sizes. Each publication – whether print or digital – has it’s own specifications as to publishing, and we adhered to all…


Besides the details listed above, I also combed the ads for consistency pertaining to branding, colors, fonts, leading, logo placement and size, legal verbiage, fonts, color, opacity, alignment, and more.

Once assigned to an account and campaign, it was much easier to predict the approval methods of both the creative and account teams. Our versions went from approximately 17-24 on accounts like Campbell’s, below 5 – including client changes.


Many art directors would often enter the prepress department and ask us about prepress production, but luckily this particular art director, Joe Volpicelli, was well-versed in print, so it was a pleasure to work with him. And as it happens often in the world of advertising, if you’re good at your job, you’re rewarded with more work. So I had the pleasure of working with Joe on more accounts than just AIG.